Round 3, dingdingding

I was in the Assisted Conception Unit car park at 7:43 this morning. A full 17 minutes before they opened the door to even let you in – as someones who’s almost always late, this is an amusing insight into how much I want this. 

The last time I was there, we were told that we’d suffered a miscarriage. It was strange walking back through those doors. Remembering the devastation of our last visit was making my heart boom, sitting patiently in the waiting room, (that sounds like the start of a horrible song).

– Looking around at the nameless baby photos in reception, the ACU’s success stories. Thumbing through Hello and trying to imagine the other ladies stories sitting across the way, how they’d ended up at the same unfortunate avenue as me.

 But before long, they called my name and some nice ladies took me to be scanned.

As we walked down the familiar corridor, a feeling of dread came over me as we approached the very same room that we’d last visited. It was difficult to be in there, but somehow I managed to shake the feeling and find one of hope as they prodded around finding everything looked as it should (thankfully, I had worried in the back of my mind after miscarrying) and that we were green for go with our third cycle of iui.

So, stabbing (gonal-f injections) commences this evening. And I have a thing about needles, in that they make me a bit woooooozy when I look at them – which has made the last 6 months of my life…. *fun* – So hopefully Mr Hasdogswantshumans will bring his best bedside manner home with him this evening and we can get this show on the road!

Author: hasdogswantshumans

34, from The Midlands, UK. The loveliest husband, family, friends and dogs. 100% determined to become parents - one way or the other.... *During January 2018, after 4 and a half years, we finally welcomed 2 daughters to our world.

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