So far, so good

My last blog was just post egg collection, I think. Seems forever ago. The days that came immediately after were (unexpectedly) angst ridden. I hadn’t counted on being so stressed about getting that call each morning to see how those little 12 eggs. were doing. And they really string it out… it feel’s like when they tell you who’s won on Xfactor –

*Hello is that Mrs Hasdogswantshumans?*

*Hello, yes good morning* – same number you’ve been calling for me for the past few weeks, hurry up….

*Are you OK today?*

*Yes, thank you* Less smalltalk please 

*Could you just confirm your date of birth for me please?*

Huff *Yes, day/month/year* for the love of God good woman, what are those embryos doing?! Have they all arrested over night? Have they mutated into the next evolutionary step? Has the clinic burned down and they met a firey doom? SPEAK!

Long story short, of 12 eggs, 9 fertilised. 48 hours in, there were 2 groups – 5, 4cell embryos and 4 straggling 2cells embryos. 

By 72 hours in, I was losing my shit – we’d been scheduled for a 3day transfer as my clinic shuts over the weekend and day 5 fell on a Sunday. They hadn’t called by 10:30 to give me the latest. We needed to leave for the clinic at 10:45 to be on time for our 11:30 arrival as planned – I’d told them this the day prior. So I called in a panic. They reassured me that we were still going ahead and they’d call back asap with the latest. So on our way in, they called. There were 2 front runners. Both 8 cell, grade 2, one with little fragmentation, the other with an average amount. They advised to pop both back – we’d always said that we’d go with whatever the professionals deemed best, they know what they’re doing 1million percent more than we do in this situation. So after a little conflab on the remainder of the journey, we went with it and agreed to 2.

There were other embryos that didn’t look in such good shape, but they said that they’d monitor them over the weekend, as they were in an embryoscope anyway, and keep us updated.

So, had the 2x 3day embryos poofed back home, easy peasy 😊

The clinic called on Monday morning to inform me that one of the embryos had defied all expectations and made it to a great looking day 6 hatching blast. This was such unexpected, but wonderful news! She said that they needed to freeze it asap or the nurses would be changing its nappies.

2 week wait was annoyingly slow.

I started to get an inkling that maybe things were going as we’d hoped last weekend. I also developed OHSS last weekend, which hasn’t been fun! I’ve been drinking water like it’s my job and not really been able to eat much at all (I ❤ to eat!) and my stomach is still so bloated that I look 4/5 months pregnant.

…. when in fact I’m only 4/5 weeks pregnant 😊 I’m feeling really cautious about it at the moment. Not really allowing myself to get excited. But we tested on Tuesday (day my period should’ve been due) and got a positive. And again today, on OTD and got a darker positive. So I’m just trying to thinking about it in little chunks. Next hurdle, beta test at the clinic!

But as I say in the title of this blog – so far, so good.

Author: hasdogswantshumans

34, from The Midlands, UK. The loveliest husband, family, friends and dogs. 100% determined to become parents - one way or the other.... *During January 2018, after 4 and a half years, we finally welcomed 2 daughters to our world.

9 thoughts on “    So far, so good”

    1. Hey! Thank you. Clinic apparently don’t go in for betas, unless you encounter anything you’re concerned about. I’m booked in for a viability scan in a fortnight. Anxious! Did you say you were also IVF-ing? 😊


      1. So you’d be about six weeks at the first ultrasound? We did our fourth and final IVF in June and I got a positive result after like yourself! So exciting! It also feels kinda surreal though too! I go in for a first scan soon and I’ll be just six weeks at that stage. Let’s hope we both have really good first scans 🙂


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