Barry and Maurice

I’m currently having a little lie in, lounging around in a strange, but lovely bed in Scotland.

I’m 15 weeks pregnant today. 105 days. I was informed this morning that our babies are the size of an avocado or a chocolate eclair. Doesn’t seem enough for how large I’m feeling! Haha. Most of my first trimester symptoms have dropped off now thankfully. I’m just left with huge, tender boobs and wanting to sleep a lot. By comparison, I’m all for the second trimester! 

I’ve started to allow myself to believe that this might actually be our time. We saw the Baby G’s (or Beegees for short, that’s where Barry and Maurice came from, Mr Hasdogswantshumans hates it when I refer to them as that 😁 worse still, Bazza and Mazza!) at our 12 week scan. Wiggling around, even body popping at points, little hearts beating away, it was incredible. But I still wasn’t confident in telling many people. 

After 4 years of trying and a miscarriage, I just didn’t (and sometimes still don’t) trust that we’ll make it. So no social media announcements. No shouting from the rooftops. The people who knew about treatment now know and are overjoyed for us. Along with a few work colleagues. But that’s your lot. 

I’m being scanned 4 weekly for growth monitoring which will hopefully help to ease my worries, with my next one being a week on Thursday at 16+2. Seeing the midwife a few days prior, where she tells me she’ll attempt to chase 2 heartbeats around my belly, hopefully that will be wonderful ❤

So Barry and Maurice, I hope you’re having a whale of a time in my expanding tummy. I put a lot of hard work in making your accommodation a palatial, 5 star temporary home over the last few years. Your Dad and I can’t wait to have you in our own house early in 2018 – it might not be the luxury surroundings that my uterus is currently providing, but we promise it’s filled with an insane amount of love – and you’ll probably be ready to move out of your cramped living conditions by then anyway.

Author: hasdogswantshumans

34, from The Midlands, UK. The loveliest husband, family, friends and dogs. 100% determined to become parents - one way or the other.... *During January 2018, after 4 and a half years, we finally welcomed 2 daughters to our world.

One thought on “Barry and Maurice”

  1. Love the nicknames! I can relate to the anxiety and being nervous about telling people. Only my direct manager, HR and one friend at work know. At this stage I’m 16 weeks and thinking I should say it to more colleagues, especially because people are probably starting to think I’ve gained weight! But like you I’m still nervous! Otherwise most of our friends and relations know now.


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