IUI over and out

So I went back for my bloods today to conclude my third and final cycle of NHS funded IUI.

My period had actually arrived last night and I’d been spotting since a few days after the procedure so was already 99% sure that we’d had no luck this time, which has now been confirmed by the assisted conception unit.

I’ve been feeling quite disheartened about our predicament of late. The lack of control. The not knowing. The continual rollercoaster. 

I actually said to Mr Hasdogswantshumans the other day that I feel like our infertility is slowly but surely sucking the fun out of me. I know that as we evolve and grow as individuals our personalities shift subtly, but I definitely feel as though recent struggles with my mood and outlook on life are coloured by this difficulty we’re experiencing.

Its during low points like this that I like to plan fun things to do. Things to look forward to, to focus on so I don’t spend as much time dwelling. I’ve recently booked us a little weekend away to Norfolk, dog free at the beginning of March. And over the last few days I’ve booked trains and planes to go and visit my best friend who emigrated to Hamburg about 6months ago. Cos as much as we message and facetime, it’s not quite the same as drinking a cuppa, pouring your heart out and even the occasional hug from your bestie, (I’m one of the least tactile people I know). So I’m looking forward to seeing her and having some fun and forgetting about this for a while.

We’re booked in for a follow up/medical review for our treatment so far and chat about how we proceed with IVF at the end of next week with the hospital – not too sure what this will entail, but I always seem to feel better when we’re making progress, so I’m keen to keep the momentum.

Onwards we push x

Author: hasdogswantshumans

34, from The Midlands, UK. The loveliest husband, family, friends and dogs. 100% determined to become parents - one way or the other.... *During January 2018, after 4 and a half years, we finally welcomed 2 daughters to our world.

9 thoughts on “IUI over and out”

  1. You are right, infertility really can “suck the fun” right out of us. Good for you for booking a few trips to look forward to. I do that with my hubby and friends as well, and I have found it really helps lifts my spirits. We deserve a little fun! Sending warm wishes your way! ❤

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  2. I know the feeling! I’m headed to the beach in a few weeks. It’s a super low-key trip. In the past I would not have been too excited about it but I am JAZZED. It’s all relative I guess!


    1. It is. I think you just learn to appreciate the smaller things when yore finding the day to day stressful, don’t you? Not that I would have ever chosen this path, but I do think it makes you appreciate the lovely things you do have x

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  3. Good luck. We’re at the start of IUI – first procedure was 9 days ago. I feel like from the day I came off my pill, we lost ‘us’ and became a couple trying for a baby, and that is yuk, we don’t do fun things much anymore, and so often even if we do we’ll have slightly snidey comments about ‘should you really have a drink?/Thought you were eating healthily…


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